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Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Growing Little Founders!

Our entrepreneurship and money management programs are designed specifically for kids aged 6 to 16.

Get ready to ignite your child’s creativity, foster leadership skills, and empower them to have the mindset of future entrepreneurs!

Start your child's entrepreneurial journey with Growing Little Founders !

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We EMPOWER Young Innovators.
We NUTURE Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Here's How We Can Help

In our kid-focused entrepreneurship program, we believe that every young mind harbors immense potential. Our mission is to ignite creativity, foster resilience, and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit in children.

Through engaging workshops, mentorship, and hands-on experiences, we aim to equip young entrepreneurs with the skills they need to turn their ideas into reality, whether within their own businesses or while contributing to other companies. Our commitment lies in building a community where curiosity thrives, dreams take flight, and young visionaries emerge as confident changemakers.

Together, we’re shaping a future where age is no barrier to success!


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We explore diverse subjects, encompassing, ethics, marketing, sales, money management, and customer service. Through our program, your child will acquire the skills to transform their passion into a lucrative enterprise.

Our experienced coaches provide guidance and support as your child builds their own business from the ground up. From brainstorming ideas to developing a business plan, we'll be there every step of the way.

6 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn’t just for adults—it’s a valuable skill that can benefit children as well. Here are some compelling reasons why kids should be taught entrepreneurship from an early age:

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Creativity and

Entrepreneurship encourages children to think outside the box, identify new opportunities, and come up with innovative ideas


Confidence and Independence

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Starting and running a business empowers children, enhances their self-assurance, motivates them to be proactive, and cultivates a spirit of self-reliance

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By fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, we empower children to navigate challenges, collaborate, and thrive in a rapidly changing world


Resilience and Adaptability

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Our program enables children to adjust, extract valuable lessons from setbacks, and persistently move ahead

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When children explore entrepreneurship, they develop a greater understanding and appreciation for money, learn about budgeting, saving, and making informed financial choices


Ethics and Responsibility

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Entrepreneurship teaches diligence, commitment, and self-discipline, the importance of unwavering persistence and maintaining consistent effort

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  • Learn from the Best: Get guidance from successful entrepreneurs who started just like you!

  • Fun and Interactive: Our workshops are packed with exciting activities, games, and challenges.

  • Make New Friends: Collaborate with other young minds and build friendships that last a lifetime.

  • Pitch with Confidence: We'll teach you how to present your ideas boldly and creatively.

  • Turn Ideas into Action: Don't just think it, do it! We provide the tools to start your very first business venture.


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