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Kids with Capes


Do you have a young visionary with big dreams? Our individual coaching services are tailored just for you! 


What Kids Will Experience

At Growing Little Founders, we more than just coaches for children; we’re mentors guiding them toward success! 


Vision Planning

If your child has an amazing idea but aren't sure where to begin, let's schedule a vision planning session. We'll take a deeper look at your child's vision and create a customized plan of action.


Pitch Perfect

Learn the art of crafting a compelling pitch. From elevator pitches to full presentations, we'll teach your child how to captivate potential investors.


Money Management

Money matters! We teach financial literacy, helping kids understand money, savings, and investment. Who said finance can’t be fun?


Career Training

Is your child curious about entrepreneurship? We can help your child determine if it's the right path for them. We'll develop a solid plan of action to kickstart their journey.


Business Basics

Understand the fundamentals—market research, pricing, branding, and customer service. Let's build a solid foundation for your child's venture.


Teamwork and Leadership

We empower kids to lead, delegate, and appreciate diverse perspectives. After all, every successful business needs a great team.


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Hi my name is Varena!

I’m thrilled to embark on this entrepreneurial journey with your child. My passion? Guiding curious minds through the exhilarating world of business. 🌟



🎓 Certified Kidpreneur Coach and Educator: I’ve earned my stripes in the kidpreneur universe. From lemonade stands to digital startups, I’ve seen it all!


🌐 Professional Background: I hold a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Over the past 17 years, I’ve worn various hats—organizational leader and strategist, marketing maven, business owner, finance enthusiast, and tech wizard. But my heart? It beats for nurturing young talent.


Why I Do What I Do

🌱 The Spark Within: Every child carries a tiny spark—an entrepreneurial itch waiting to ignite. My mission? To fan that spark into a blazing fire of creativity, resilience, and business acumen.


🍊 Fruit Cup Dreams: It all began with my five-year-old son’s dream of a fruit cup and cold-pressed juice business. Watching him enjoy the fruits of his labor and dream big, I realized: Kids are natural entrepreneurs. They just need a little guidance.


🌟 Purpose Unveiled: Helping my son launch his fruity venture was very special to me. It sparked a desire—a calling—to empower other young dreamers. I believe it’s my purpose to equip kids with tools, plant the seed, and watch their gifts bloom.

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Testimonials from Young Entrepreneurs

"Thanks to this coaching, I confidently pitched my eco-friendly stationery business to local stores. Now my products are on their shelves!" — Ava, 12

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